Polished/Sanitary Vessels

At Ward Tank & Heat Exchanger Corp., we can fabricate to all of your sanitary or polished needs. From Mill to #8 electro-polished mirror finish, we will meet your highest expectations!


Water Purification Units

Water Purification Units

Hand Reflection

Hand Reflection
(#8 Mirror finish with electropolish)

Interior finish

Interior finish
(10 Ra max. with electropolish)

Surface Finish Chart

Ward Tank and Heat Exchanger Corp. can fabricate with any of the following material finish options in stainless steel and nickel alloys.

Finish No. Common Name Grit No Ra (Microinch) Description
# 1 Mill Plate (Hot Rolled) N/A N/A A rough, dull surface appearance with most of the mill scale removed by pickling. This finish applies to all plate products 3/16 " and thicker.
#2 Satin Sheet (2B Mill) N/A N/A A smooth, bright, moderately reflective finish available only in 1/4" or thinner sheet material (gauge thickness). Polishing after welding is not typical.
#3   100 to 120 52 This finish is obtained with abrasives approximately 100 to 120 mesh with a pronounced grit line which may or may not be additionally polished during fabrication.
#4 Commercial #4 120 40-60 typ. This finish is a general purpose sanitary polished finish widely used for pharmaceutical applications, dairy equipment, restaurant equipment, etc. Following initial grinding with coarser abrasives, sheets are generally finished last with abrasives approximately 120 to 150 grit.
#4 3A Sanitary 150 42 Max
#4 Sanitary Finish 180 30 Max  
#4S "Bio-tech" 200 to 220 25 Max  
#6   240 15-20 A dull satin finish having lower reflectivity than a # 7 finish.
#7   320 12 Max This finish has a high degree of reflectivity. It is produced by buffing of finely ground surface, but the grit lines are not removed.
#8 Mirror Finish 400 4-8 The most reflective finish that is produced. It is obtained by polishing with successively finer abrasives and buffing extensively with very fine buffing rouges with the help of electro-polishing. The surface is essentially free of grit lines from preliminary grinding operations.
#8 Super Mirror Finish 500 4 Max


Customer Testimonials

"The can do attitude of this company is wonderful"… "Your project team kept us involved from start to finish"… "it is phenomenal that our project teams were able to work as one and get this critical project finished on a critical schedule with no problems"… "Under a critical time schedule and heavy expediting and inspection your team did a wonderful job of shipping this tower, meeting our required delivery date, your efforts are to be commended."… "Anytime there is mention of a vessel, exchanger or tank on an upcoming project, our first thoughts will certainly be “Ward”."

Surprisingly, these comments are not from Customers of a "service only company" but from a fabricator that also provides excellent service. Please inquire for a complete list of references from recent projects.